Name Airship
Location Skies above Vigoor
Affiliation Holy Vigoor Empire
Debut Ninja Gaiden

The Vigoorian Airship is the only way foreigners are able to access the secret and mysterious Vigoor Empire. It is a Zeppelin-class dirigible which works with some sort of helium-like gas that allows it to float, It´s also moved by propellers set by the sides of the balloon. It runs on it´s own electrical power. By the time of the Dark Dragon Blade Incident, the crew was apparently absent (probably evacuated by the SAT forces, looking to keep the crewmen safe from the siege and hunt of Ryu Hayabusa) and it´s unknown how many men were necessary to pilot.

Inside, the airship has a wide habitable space. The cockpit is a high-tech room with several radar screens, complex controls and state-of-the-art holographic maps, this cockpit is accessible by an elevator situated in the Captain´s office. We can also find inside a Cargo room, luxurious passenger bedrooms, a kitchen and a file room, that can only be opened with a Crew card found on a SAT operative. The upper areas are manteniance rooms, where the balloon can be easily reached in order to fix it. The backside of the airship has a room where the electrical plant is located, said room can only be reached using the cables that connect it to the main area.

Apparently, the airship is constantly scorted by a SAT task force, in order to prevent intruders (like Ryu) access the Empire without proper authorisation, or avoid "undesirables" reaching their soil. The airship apparently never lifts up to 5000 feet, since there seems to be no "suck" present with the broken windows or outside, meaning that there´s a stable (and livable) pressure inside and outside.


The airship is probably lifted by a lighter-than-air gas, as it is expected with this kind of aircrafts. However, it doesn´t reveal exactly what kind of gas they use. Hydrogen seems to be the closest choice, since the whole airship catches fire when Dynamo sparks, but this gas burns in an invisible flame. It´s not wrong to think that Hydrogen was used, and that the highly visible flames are just for show.

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