General Alternator
Race: Human (Cybernetically Enchanced)
Seal of the Holy Vigoor Empire
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Rank: General of the Vigoor Army
Occupation: Cybernetic soldier
Debut: Ninja Gaiden Sigma

General Alternator is another member of the Vigoor Imperial Military.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Edit

Like his counterpart, General Dynamo, Alternator is a member of the MSAT. Enhanced by cybernetic technology, he is a deadly soldier for the Imperial Military. After Ryu Hayabusa escapes from the Dworku Monastery, a helicopter carrying General Alternator drops the cybernetic soldier before the Dragon Ninja. Alternator tries to apprehend Ryu, but is no match for the young Hayabusa, and is defeated, self destructing in the process.

Trivia Edit

  • While most of his moves are identical to Dynamo, Alternator has a jet pack on him, making it easier for him to chase the player.


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