Black Spider Ninja Clan

Black spider crest

22px-Flag of Japan.svg
Known Members
Genshin (Ninja Overlord/deceased),
Obaba (Elder Sorceress/deceased),
Rasetsu (Shadow Ninja/deceased),
Tengu Brothers (Dark Sect Operators/deceased),
Gyuki (Shadow Ninja/deceased)
Operational as of NG3

The Black Spider Ninja Clan (Jigumo Ichizoku 地蜘蛛一族; Earth Spider Clan) is an evil ninja clan that has plagued the Hayabusa Ninja Clan time and time again.

The Spider Ninja Clan are said to have ties to the ancient deities (as proven with their strained alliance with Vazdah and his fiends). Their hatred toward the Hayabusa Ninja Clan is unrivalled, for despite being a Ninja elite, they always come up short in comparison to the Hayabusa Ninja. Craving nothing more than power, their twisted hunger has apparently twisted their bodies as well.

Obaba, the Sorceress Witch, was once the head of the Black Spiders, but after her defeat and death at the hands of Ryu Hayabusa, the Ninja Overlord Genshin took over. Following Genshin's death, the clan allied itself with the Lords of Alchemy.

The Black Spider Clan´s ninja operatives have changed from game to game. On the first Xbox game (and it´s consequent upgrades), they were agile ninja in an all-black shozoku. They were first found in Tairon, where they were scouting the place looking for the Dark Dragon Blade (in higher difficulties, they appeared first in the Shadow Clan Ninja Fortress, but that can be considered apocryphal), and wielded normal katana and Incendiary Shurikens. They were trained to fight against fellow ninja, like Ryu, but they were extremely unprepared to face fiends and the Vigoorian military, since many of them died in the raid before facing the Dragon Ninja. It is also worthy of notice that they carried diaries as a common practice, since many could be found while scavenging the bodies of the deceased ninja, learning about their hardships and deaths. While loyal, many of these ninja questioned their motivations for their quest: searching for the Dark Dragon so their leader could make Tea out of it, asking themselves if so many lives and sacrifices were justified with such a inane objective.

In the second game, their attire changed to dark-green jumpsuits with spiderweb designs. They were also armed differently: while the katana was still their weapon of choice, many of the ninja preferred Talons, and fought with those.

One of the most recognizable action from the clan is that most of them (or all) have kamikaze action, to which they will grab Ryu and explode using an Incendiary Shuriken.

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