Bone Dragon
Bone Dragon
Race: Fiend (Undead Dragon)
Rank: Guardian of the Holy Grail
Debut: Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)

Bone Dragon is an undead fiend in the underground waterway under the Dworku Monastery. It was resurrected when Ryu placed the Holy Grail on the altar.


An undead dragon that looks like a T-Rex skeleton.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Bone Fragments: It will crack some of its bones into fragments to shoot Ryu.

Feet Stomp: If either of its legs is in Ryu's place, it will attempt to stomp Ryu.

Clawing: If either of its claws is in Ryu's place, it will attempt to claw Ryu.

Tail Whip: When switching positions, its tail will sometimes whip Ryu.

Bite: It will roar and bite Ryu. If successful, it will start munching Ryu until he escape from its mouth.


  • Attack its legs and claws when they're near you. You must attack quickly or else it will start to switch positions again.
    • When the claw/leg you're hitting's outer bone breaks, it can stun it and that claw/leg can no longer receive damage. Damage all claws and legs to kill it.
  • When it tries to tail whip you, do a simple jump. Before he bites you, it will raise its claw and roar, after the roar, run and jump the opposite direction of the place it attempts to bite. Overall it's an easy boss.



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