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ぱちんこ CR 三姫繚乱 ~麗しき闘い~
Sanhime Ryoran
Logo and key art for CR Sanhime Ryoran ~Uruwashiki Tatakai~
Developer Okumura-Yuki Co., Ltd
License Tecmo-Koei
Platform Arcade
Release date 2014
Genre Pachinko
Mode Single-player
Media N/A

CR Sanhime Ryoran ~Uruwashiki Tatakai~ (ぱちんこ CR 三姫繚乱 ~麗しき闘い~ Pachinko CR Sanhime Ryoran ~ Uruwashiki Tatakai ~?, Pachinko CR Three Princesses Bloom ~Beautiful Fight~) was a Pachinko machine made by Okumura-Yuki based on the Ninja Gaiden series. The pachinko cabinet featured Ayane, Momiji and Rachel based on their Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 appearances.

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