The Evil Deities (邪神 Jashin; Evil Gods) are the wicked Gods of Darkness that spawned the Fiends. Many eons ago during the Genesis, a chaotic side of the universe untouched by Gurdu, the original Deity, a strange chaos began to stir. After a time the true character of the Chaos was made apparent, marking the appearance of the Hatred. The Hatred further evolved, reaching the level of a God, and consequently, Vigoor, the first of the Dark Gods came to be, beginning the age old conflict between good and evil. As Vigoor plunged the Earth into chaos, Gurdu split himself into the Four Deities, who in turn created the Dragons. The Dragons were able to banish Vigoor, the Evil Deities and their spawn, the Fiends, but they were unable to be destroyed due to the Dark Dragon's betrayal. The Evil Deities fight over territory in the Underworld, and are subjugated only by the most powerful.

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