Crest of the Cult of Nostradamus

The crest of the Cult of Nostradamus.

The Cult of Nostradamus was an evil cult that served as the main antagonists of Ninja Gaiden. The cult was led by Bladedamus, supposed descendant of Nostradamus with the goal of bringing about the end of the world.


  • Bladedamus: Leader of the cult and descendant of Nostradamus.
  • The Dragons: A tag-team wrestling duo working with the cult.
  • Sumo: A strong sumo wrestler.
  • Masked Clawmen: Teams of masked, acrobatic, claw-wielding maniacs.
  • Ninja: Ninja working with the cult.
  • Masked Psycho: Knuckle duster-wielding, hockey mask-wearing psychopaths.
  • Escrima Stick User: Buff, bearded stick fighters.
  • Martial Artist: Masked martial artists.
  • Strong Man: Large men carrying logs.
  • Spearman: Spear wielding soldiers.
  • Biker: Bike riding gang members working for the cult.
  • Water Monster: Monsters from the river that reach out and attack.


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