The dark dragonstones

The Dark Dragon Stones

The Dark Dragonstones (黒龍石 Kokuryuuseki) are eight crystals that contain the will and spirit of the Dark Dragon itself. The stones were released upon the Dark Dragon's defeat at the hands of the Dragon Lineage. According to Muramasa, if all of them were collected in a single place, their sinister power would surpass that of even the Dark Dragon Blade.

History Edit

Quoted directly from the game
The Dark Dragonstones. They are composed of crystals of immense evil energy released by the Dark Dragon at the moment of its defeat at the hands of the Dragon Lineage. Dark Dragonstones are able to bestow a enormous surge of malevolent power on those who possess them. Furthermore, if all eight Dark Dragonstones were to be collected in a single place, the world would once again be enveloped in a chaos of death, and destruction. Such a fate has been foretold in the pages of the ancient chronicles.

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