General Dynamo
General dynamo
Race: Human (Cybernetically Enchanced)
Seal of the Holy Vigoor Empire
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Rank: General of the Vigoor Army
Occupation: Cybernetic soldier
Debut: Ninja Gaiden

General Dynamo is one of the Vigoor Military leaders. He made his debut in Ninja Gaiden and appeared in its many enhancements.


Ninja Gaiden Sigma Edit

General Dynamo, a cybernetically enhanced Vigoorian soldier, was sent along with members of the MSAT squadron led by Gamov to intercept Ryu Hayabusa. He waited for the young Dragon Ninja at the top of the airship that was headed for Tairon, the Empire's capital city. Many MSAT members were killed right before Ryu met Dynamo atop the airship. Using his plasma cannon on Ryu, he hoped to have the advantage, but the Dragon Ninja's agility proved to be more than a match for him. Dynamo was defeated, and his cybernetic body went haywire, resulting in his body self-destructing, and setting the airship ablaze.

Gallery Edit

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