Gamov NGS
Race Human
22px-Flag of Japan.svg
Gender Male
Relatives Genshin (Older Brother)
Professional Status
Affiliation Vigoor Military,
Dark Disciple
Occupation Spy, Military Overseer
Rank Spy
Title Overseer of the Vigoor Military
Partner Dark Disciple
First Appearance
Debut Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)
Japanese Voice Hisao Egawa
English Voice Robin Atkin Downes

Gamov is a bespectacled, green hat and coat wearing spy, who constantly shadows Ryu as the latter ventures through the Holy Vigoor Empire.


Throughout the game, he sets up Vigoor military forces against Ryu and observes their battles. He claims to know a lot about Rachel and the Dark Dragon Blade. Though working in cahoots with the Dark Disciple, he is decapitated by the latter with the Dark Dragon Blade at the end. It is revealed in Ninja Gaiden II, by finding a diary of a ninja called Izo in the chapter "Submit or Die", that he was the younger brother of Genshin.

561532 20030724 screen009

Gamov shortly before his death

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Combat Skills: Being born from the Black Spider Clan, Gamov knew some of the clan's hand-to-hand combat skills such as the roundhouse kick and overhead shoulder flip. He fought Rachel with a pair of butterfly knives. However, these skills could've been learned from the Vigoor Military.
  • Gunslinging: Being one of the officers of the Vigoor Military, Gamov is proficient with firearms, in the battle with Rachel he fights with two handguns.
  • Agility: Despite his appearance he was surprisingly quick and agile able to fall from the edge of a building and disappear below as well as effectively evade and defend himself against Rachel's attacks.

Trivia Edit

  • Exactly why Gamov chose to be a spy for the Vigoor Empire and not take up occupation as a Black Spider ninja is unknown.
  • While there is a diary that claims Murai had killed Genshin´s younger brother, it doesn´t mention him by name.
  • Even though being a spy he is, he sets up military forces against Ryu clearly indicate that he's one of the people command the Vigoor Military.
  • Although he was not fightable in Ninja Gaiden, he was made into a boss in Sigma.

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