Giant Death Worm
Giant death worm
Race: Fiend
Rank: Boss
Debut: Ninja Gaiden II

The Giant Death Worm was the largest of the Death Worms and was the only boss featured in Ninja Gaiden II that did not return in its ports/remakes.


Enormous worm with a skull for a face and extendable claw-mouth.


Ninja Gaiden IIEdit

During Ryu Hayabusa's journey following Elizébet's trail into the Heart of Darkness in a South American Jungle, Ryu entered a series of caverns where he encounters both the smaller Death Worms and, later, the Giant Death Worm. After defeating the Giant Death Worm, it burrowed trough a hole, allowing Ryu to progress.

Abilities and powersEdit

  • Burrow: The Giant Death Worm moves around at great speed, disappearing from Ryu's range or quickly ramming him.
  • Acid Spit: Like its smaller brethren the Giant Death Worm can spit fast moving balls of acid onto his opponent.
  • Tongue Mouth: The Giant Death Worm's skull face opens up, allowing a smaller mouth to attempt to grab Hayabusa.


  • Charging up a 360 Lunar UT and releasing when approached will allow you to remain mostly unharmed.



Ninja Gaiden 2 Master Ninja Chapter 9 Sub-Boss Giant Worm-104:40

Ninja Gaiden 2 Master Ninja Chapter 9 Sub-Boss Giant Worm-1

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