Race Fiend
Professional Status
Affiliation Vigoor
Rank Minion
First Appearance
Debut Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)

Gobdecks (魔神ゴブデク majin gobudeku) are stronger forms of the Gallas. They come in two varieties of Fire and Ice, and usually pop out of the ground.


Similar to the Galla, only they are orange/blue and have thorns on their bodies.

Abilities and PowersEdit

These are basically the same as the weaker Gallas.

Fire/Ice Breath: Depending on whether they are fire or ice Gobdecks, they will breath a stream of orange/blue flame. The Gobdeck can turn around & hit Ryu with its tail for damage.

Roll: Like the Gallas, Gobdecks will start charging up in a spin mode, then release itself in a devastating roll attack.

Bite Throw: The most damaging of their attacks, they will bite at the head, shaking their prey back and forth, then throw their victim. As a throw attack this move is unblockable.

Melee: Melee attacks are clawing, headbutt charges and tail swipes.

Tough Hide: Gobdecks also have tough hide protects to it from projectile weapons such as bullets, shurikens and arrows.

Burrow: Gobdecks usually wait burrowed underground, popping out from the ground to ambush their prey.


Ninja Gaiden : Gobdecks are first encountered in the Caverns. In the Ice part of the Caverns, Ryu Hayabusa fights Ice versions of Gobdecks, then later in the Magma part of the Caverns he battles Fire Gobdecks. Some Gobdecks sit and wait in magma, breathing fire and swiping at anything that gets close to them.

Ninja Gaiden Black : Gobdecks are completely removed from the game except for four fire types in mission Path Of The Master Ninja, Phase #2.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma : Gobdecks can be found in the Hard difficulty of chapter 8, "Alma, Greater Fiend".  Three can be found in Drawbridge square, where if killed Rachel's can acquire her ninpo / magic Blades of the Ouroboros.  Several more can be found in the chapter's Fiend Challenge by the Military Gate.


Same strategy as the Galla, only Gobdecks do more damage, are more likely to attack from off screen and take more hits to kill.


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