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Guide for Chapter 3 of Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)
Name Guide for Chapter 3 of Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)
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This level starts off with you inside your cabin quarters. Go to the table and 
take the Elixir of Devil Way. Now, open your cabin door, and head out to the 
door opposite of you. Grab the Spiritual Life potion on the table, then leave 
this room. Go up, and open the next door on the left. Open the chest to reveal 
the Airship Map. Unfortunately, your gleaming discovery will be interrupted by 
two Vigoorian Guards who breach through the windows. You're going to face many 
of these throughout the level, so get use to them. The white uniformed 
soldiers are fairly weak, and easy to kill. Watch out for the black ones 
though as they have tazers. Once you've finished them both off, leave the 
room, and enter the 1-# door on the right hand side. Grab the Spiritual Life 
potion, and leave. Run to the end of the hall, and engage the four surrounding 
guards. When you're a certain distance from them, they'll pull out pistols and 
shoot at you. Be weary of your surroundings. Use the wall to your advantage, 
and try to make use of some Essence moves as well.

Once they're dead, check the aura in the middle to receive the Wing Key. Use 
the key on the double doors right next to you to reach the Main Deck. Run 
inside, and head around the protruding wall. Go to the upper left section of 
the room, and check the ship's galley to find a Life of the Gods. Leave the 
room, and head to the upper right portion. Open the door on that side. You 
should be in a room filled with spewed documents. Open the next door, and 
suddenly the power locks will turn red. Battle the four guards as usual, but 
watch out for the black ones. Once they're finished off, leave through the 
next door and you should be in a hallway. Enter the door opposite of the one 
you just came through. You should now be in the Captain's room. Check the desk 
for a letter.

   *Apparently, the ship has been having problems whenever emergency power has
    been forced to turn on. Because of the lack of power, whenever a power
    shortage occurs, all power locks on the ship are unlocked.*

Check the desk again for a scrolled up map which turns out to be a Map of 
Tairon. Also, you can find Golden Scarab #1 in the right hand corner of the 
room. Head over to the Captain's Elevator, and use it. This will lower you to 
the Fore Cabin. Run around the semi-circle room, and then use the next 
elevator. The ID door in this room is locked for now. Go down the elevator, 
and you'll be brought to an isolated room. You'll have to deal with 5-6 
guards. If you need to, make use of your Ninpo magic, although I found simply 
using Ultimate Techniques worked best. Use the counter attacks to your 
advantage. Once they're dead, an aura will appear in the middle of the room. 
Grab it to receive an ID card. You can now open certain powered locks on the 
floating vehicle. Open the door directly behind you, and retrieve the Life of 
the Gods inside the chest. Head back up the elevator, and use the ID card on 
the door to the left.

Once inside, you'll have to deal with a small threat of 2 Vigoorian Guards. 
Head through the following doorway, and then use the save statue on the right 
to note down your progress. Before heading on straight through, you can do the 
following to gain some "secret" inventory:

- Go up the spiral stairwell. Then, go down the opposing stairwell. You can 
find a Muramasa Shop in a nifty location. If you want, purchase some Spiritual 
Life potions (although I actually upgraded my Dragon Sword, 3000 essence). If 
you talk with him, Muramasa will yank your golden scarab, and give you a Life 
of the Gods. You can find out more about what you receive for handing in 
scarabs (in the Scarab Locations section). Anyhow, once you're finished 
shopping, head back up the stairwell. Now, make your way back to the Living 
Quarters. Open the ID-card door at the end of the hallway. You'll be in a 
cargo room filled with crates. Jump onto the left side of crates, and make 
your way to the middle section of the room. Leap straight across, and you 
should be able to reach the back part of the room. In the left corner is a 
chest containing a Talisman of Rebirth, along with a chest in the right corner 
holding an Elixir of Devil Way. Finally, check the small two-crate dip between 
both chests for Scarab #2. Head back to the save statue, and note down your 

Head on through the door, and you should be outside. Run across the small 
walkway, and enter the door to reach the Middle Deck. Check the crate on the 
left for an infinite supply of arrows (although you can only handle 15 at a 
time). Smash the crates for some essence, then start to unwind the wench (in 
the corner of the room), by tapping down X. Eventually, a few guards will 
burst through the windows, and attempt to ambush you from behind. Let go of 
the wench, and deal with them appropriately. Keep unwinding the wench until 
the large cargo door is slightly more than fourty-five degrees open. Pull out 
your bow, and snipe the 2 guards across the large gap. Run to the corner of 
the door, and jump up to reach a small dangling wire. Shimmy across to the 
other side, and run to the end of the current deck. Kill the black guard 
around the corner, then head to the other walkway around the corner. At the 
end of this walkway is a chest containing a Spiritual Life potion. Look on the 
right hand side for a window with a poor repair job. Use your bow, and shoot 
the window to smash it. Leap through the opening, and you'll now be in the 
power source room.

Now it's nukem time. Pull out your sword, and start to slice all of the 
controls in the room. Once you've destroyed most of the panels, an 
announcement will start to play over the intercom:

   *Announcement says that all locks have been disabled due to a shortage of
    power. Emergency power supply has been initiated.*

Leave the room, and go back to the Fore Cabin. Just shimmy across as usual, 
and make sure you refill your arrows on the way out. Once you're back at the 
Fore Cabin, save your game. Go up the spiral stairwell, then make it back to 
the hallway before the Captain's room. Head to the far end where there should 
be a large metallic door (with a different kind of lock). Fortunately, the 
lock is now open because you disabled the power supply. Open it, then proceed 
up the stairs. Pull out your bow, and snipe the two pistol-wielders above. Go 
all the way up, and you should reach a dead end. However, behind you is an 
elevated platform. Go to the right or left hand sides, and then jump directly 
up to reach the above area. Kill the three guards above (you might take some 
fire on the way up). Look along the left wall for a large crate. Leap onto it, 
then wall jump along the wall to the area above. If performed correctly, Ryu 
should land in a secret ceiling area above with Scarab #3 on the ground. Run 
straight ahead, and open the chest for a Great Spirit Elixir. Engage the two 
guards up ahead, and go to the metal cargo box in the corner of the room 
(behind a grated wall). You're going to have to do a flying bird jump to reach 
the top of the metal box, then another wall jump to reach the metal walkway 
above. It might take a few tries, but boost yourself off the solid to flip up 
to the area above.

Run down the walkway, and there should be a ladder shaft. However, before you 
can head on up, the hatch is actually locked. What you have to do is perform a 
multiple wall jump to reach the part I'm talking about. Position yourself in 
the center of the red shaft, then jump against the left wall, run up, and 
jump. Repeat this process three more times, and Ryu should land in a red side 
area. Run to the end of the hall, and hit the switch. It'll unlock the hatch 
above. Now, jump down, press X to climb the ladder, and Ryu will be on top of 
the airship. Unfortunately, you'll also be met by an Electrical Mofo (as I 
like to call him).

  ~= LEVEL THREE BOSS  | Electrical Mofo | DIFFICULTY: **                   =~
  ~ Some players tend to have trouble with this boss mainly because of his   ~
  & massive power on attacks. Basically, he's equipped with a gigantic       &
  ~ electric gun, that shoots out blasts of electrical charges in small      ~
  & intervals. What you should do is keep distance between him and yourself. &
  ~ Keep running in circles, but DO NOT jump (makes you an easier target).   ~
  & You can try rolling, but keep running in circles until he fires about 5  &
  ~ laser blasts. Suddenly, his gun will discharge, and it'll be jammed for a~
  & few seconds. Quickly sprint in, and lay down a few power slashes. If you &
  ~ want, you can also cast Ninpo magic to assist in causing more damage.    ~
  & Just repeat this strategy, and keep retreating/approaching. If you stay  &
  ~ close too long, he'll grab you, and shoot you point blank with the       ~
  & weapon. Also, try to keep several potions on hand when facing him. You   &
  ~ might take a few hard hits along the way. Aside from that though, he's   ~
  & not as challenging when compared to other bosses faced.                  &

  * Alternative method of defeating Dynamo (thanks to AJC)                   *
  * An easier method to take down the level 3 boss is to simply not let him  *
  * shoot. When he starts charging up, quickly sprint in and lay down a quick*
  * 2-hit combo. Quickly leap back as he'll most likely take a pop swing at  *
  * you. After he's finished swinging, he'll start to charge up his gun      *
  * again. Repeat the process, lay down 2-3 hits, then retreat out. This is  *
  * a slower manner of defeating him, but very useful for hard and very hard *
  * where taking damage is not an option.                                    *

   *Our gigantic boss will start to scream in agony as he has been defeated.
    Not only is he all sliced up, but the rain causes for his suit to
    malfunction. He explodes into millions of tiny organic pieces. Before he
    dies though, his gun discharges and takes out a nearby Vigoorian Airship,
    which leaves us with a very covert exit. However, the zeppelin starts to
    burn in a furious manner. It's getting a little too hot to be standing
    here for long.*

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