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Guide for Chapter 4 of Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)
Name Guide for Chapter 4 of Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)
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   *We're brought to the scene of the magnificent airship slowly but surely
    burning down to crash on the ground. The camera then zooms out to show Ryu
    standing upon a nearby power line. Using his metal wrist bands, he slides
    along the electrified power source as if he was skating upon a sheet of
    ice. You're now in the Outskirts of Tairon.*

Start off by saving your game at the nearby save statue. Jump to the street 
below, and start to run down the alleyway. Around the corner are 3 Vigoorian 
Guards, and make their existence quick and painless. Keep going down the 
pathway, and a Kunai note will fly by. Read it, and it'll tell you to go visit 
Han's Bar. Apparently, they have information on where you can find this Lord 
Doku. Keep going forward, and you'll reach the Twin Serpents Plaza. Look to 
the left for a small doorway behind an enclosed fence. Go inside, and open the 
chest to receive a Great Spirit Elixir. Now, go down the left hallway, and 
kill the 3 Vigoorian Guards. Yet again, nothing we haven't seen before. Open 
the doorway, and you'll now be in front of the Military Gate. Go along the 
left wall, and check the ninja's body for a Technique Scroll: Guillotine 
Throw. It's a fairly useful move that can be operated by jumping at an enemy, 
and pressing Y (while above their head). Run up to the gate, and check the 
other ninja body for some much needed arrows. Go right towards the door with 
the yellow dot on it.

Suddenly, three Vigoorian soldiers will drop down. One of them has a nade 
launcher, so avoid the nades, and take out the usual grunts. Now's a great 
time to use some ultimate techniques considering you have vast space to 
navigate with. Once they're dead, head up to the yellow door, and press X to 
open it. Three soldiers are on the other side, and again, make their lives 
worthless. By now, you should see a "Skull" door to your right, along with a 
shiny treasure chest, and golden scarab on the ground. You cannot reach this 
area yet until later on in the game. Run straight down the street, but don't 
go left. Keep going straight, and turn right around the corner. Go to the end 
of the street to find a Top portion of the Stone Tablet. Again, this is a 
puzzle you will accumulate throughout the game, so no need to worry about it 

Run back to the T-way from before, and three Vigoorian guards will be there. 
Kill them all, and go down the steps you passed before.

- The 3 Vigoorian Guards you just fought are actually part of an infinite 
respawn pool. You can check out the Secrets section on how the process exactly 

Once you run down the steps, a Kunai note should hit the ledge. Read it, and 
it says that anything blue can solve your problems. Pull out your bow, and 
snipe off the guard on the platform to your right, and straight ahead. Once 
they're dead, look where the Kunai note landed. There's a small blue ledge 
there. Run off the ledge, and Ryu will flip (but hang) onto the railing. 
Shimmy to your right, and jump up. Open the chest to receive a Life of the 
Gods. Shimmy back to where you were, and look to your right along the building 
wall. Look slightly up, and there should be a highly-placed blue railing. Walk 
down the steps a bit, then turn right, and wall run. Ryu will grab a hold of 
the ledge. Shimmy to your left, then jump onto the guidance wire, and cross 
the opening. Open the next chest for a Thousand Lives of the Gods. Quickly 
pull out your bow, and snipe the 2 guards that pop out (from the stairwell you 
were on before). Now, jump down to the street level. There should be a door on 
your left marked with a "Lily" symbol. Remember this location. Run down to the 
end of the streetway, and open the door to enter the Clock Tower Plaza.
\ Clock Tower Plaza }
The entire region looks sort of like this:

_________    /=========/                   / Green  |
] Red    \  /Nunchakus/                   /   Door  |
]Door     \/         /  ___________      /          | 
]_____               \ [Multi-Color]    /Muramasa's |
      \               \|   Door    |___/ Shop       |
       \                                            |
        \                                          /
         \        ____DOOR________________________/
         |       /
         |       |
         |       |
         |       |
         | START |

Start off by taking the left pathway, then making a right at the Y. Check the 
ninja's body for the Nunchakus. This is the first alternate primary weapon you 
can find in the game. Unfortunately, the nunchakus don't yield a lot of 
damage, nor do they have an ultimate technique. The excellent trait about them 
is that they can yield high-hitting combos. Now, go right towards the green 
door, and a quick cutscene will pop up. One of the doorways from before will 
lock. You'll have to take care of 4 Vigoorian Guards, including two captains 
(with grenade launchers). Once they're dead, prison bars will slide up from 
the DOOR (listed on the map above). Run to this doorway (it's a yellow arched 
doorway), and run up the stairs. Fight off the three guards in the stairwell 
(block the pistols shots, and run along the wall). Then continue to the very 
top. Walk past the Clock Tower, and you'll have to face 3 Black Ninjas. These 
are one of your most formidable common enemies throughout the game. They're 
equipped with explosive shurikens, and have fast attacks. Always BLOCK against 
them. You can get more in-depth strategies under the Enemies section. Once 
you've killed them, check the chest near the edge of the wall for a Spirit of 
the Devils. Use this item; it'll upgrade your Ninpo by one level.

Run back down to the Green Door, and hit the lever to the right of it. This 
will unlock it. Now, open the green door, and proceed inside. Again, you'll 
have to face 3 Black Ninjas that drop down from above. Use the same tactics 
from before, and use Ninpo Magic if the situation is desperate. Avoid powerful 
attacks though, as you'll be exposed too long. You'll also receive a Kunai 
note saying that these ninjas are part of the Black Spider Clan, one that 
opposes the Hayabusa Clan. Make sure they do not leave the city alive. Look to 
your left for a water fountain. Walk up to it, and press X to receive Golden 
Scarab #1. Keep going straight, but this time, go left along the partial 
stairwell. It should elevate you slightly, and guide you along a large fence 
blocking in a city square. Look to your left for a small alley. Run in there, 
then wall jump 4x to reach an area above. Jump across the small pit, and run 
sideways along the blue-colored portion of the wall. Check the ninja's body 
for Suke's Diary.

   *The Diary is apparently of a ninja from the Black Spider Clan. He suffered
    a mortal wound, and is about to die, but during his life, he met a "very"
    beautiful woman in Tairon. Sounds like a cheesy sex novel.*

Anyhow, it's just to provide some background information about a character 
you're going to meet. Grab Golden Scarab #2 on the ground, then jump across 
the small pit. Open the chest to receive a Great Devil Elixir. Hit the lever 
to unlock the multi-colored door below. Before jumping down below, head back 
to the Green Door area from before. Rather than going left (to where that 
alley was), head down the right street. Go all the way to the end, then go in 
the nearby alley. Perform a running side jump two times to reach the balcony 
ledge above. Drop down, and you'll be forced to deal with four black Ninjas. 
Be careful though as the fighting arena is small, and has four pillars (you 
can use them for shelter). Once you've finished off the ninjas, open the chest 
in the far corner for 5,000 essence. Now, head back to the multi-colored door. 
Open it up (thanks to the switch above unlocking it). Ryu will now be on 
Pleasure Street. Move straight ahead to Han's Bar.

   *A brief cutscene will show a bouncer telling Ryu that he cannot enter the
    party without a ticket. He must have a ticket to enter.*

Go to the right of Han's Bar, and look along the building's wall. You should 
see a bulletin board there. Press X to read it.

   *Apparently, Muramasa has a contest out. Whoever purchases items from his
    store can receive a ticket to Han's Bar. The contest ends today.*

- Before leaving though, a Kunai note should land against the wall (near the 
corner of Han's Bar). Read the note, and it says that Ayane left a "legendary" 
weapon in Tairon. Only a Ninja can reach the place of its hidden location. 
Look to your right, and there should be a zig-zagged alley as shown below.

      \Scarab\                       To reach the area, look along the alley
       \ #3  |                       walls for BLUE zig-zag lines. You should
     >>/     |<-- Secret Weapon      see the blue panels where the arrows are
    >>/    /                         pointing to in my guide. Take Ryu, and run
      \    \<<                       SIDEWAYS along these blue panels, but jump
       \    \<<                      at the end of each so Ryu ricochets from
     >>/    /                        one wall to the next. On the third and
    >>/    /                         final panel, jump, and then press X while
                                     in mid-air. This will give you a temporary
                                     boost in height, which should be just
                                     enough to reach the secret weapon.

- The secret weapon is inside a small metal chute. Press X to yank it out of 
there. You have receive the Windmill Shuriken. It's basically a shuriken that 
does tons of more damage, and can decapitate enemies. Also, check the power 
statue to the right of the weapon to refill all of your energy. Jump down to 
the alley, and run to the end of the alley to receive Golden Scarab #3.

Once you've done this, run back to Muramasa's Shop in the Clock Tower Plaza. 
His store is located on one of the street corners. Enter inside, and buy 
ANYTHING from him. Heck, it can be a simple arrow, or a new technique scroll. 
Right before you leave, he'll hand you Han's Ticket as part of the promotion 
offer you read before. You MUST read the ad on the bulletin board, otherwise, 
he will not give you the ticket. Run back to Han's Bar, and an FMV cutscene 
will open up.

   *Suddenly, before we can enter, all of the party guests inside will sprint
    out of the building. A large dinosaur creature will leap out as well,
    causing pure havoc/terror. Suddenly, a very "gifted" woman leaps out, and
    bashes the creature with her gigantic warhammer. She introduces herself as
    Rachel, the Fiend Hunter. They both go to the rooftop, where Ryu explains
    that he's currently searching for Doku, Lord of the Greater Fiends. Rachel
    tries to explain that she would have killed him before if it was possible,
    but apparently it wasn't. She knows nothing of his whereabouts. Rachel
    then flings away using a grappling hook. A new character named Gamov
    appears out of thin air, and let's Ryu know that he's been watching his
    every move. Before Ryu can get any definite answers, Gamov leaps off a
    building edge, and vanishes into thin air.*

                           [[[  NO BOSS - Wahoo!  ]]]

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