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Guide for Chapter 8 of Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)
Name Guide for Chapter 8 of Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)
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The courageous ninja will now be back in the front of the Monastery twin 
doors. A Kunai note will fly by. Go read it, and it says that you should cross 
the drawbridge, and reach the Vigoorian Army Supply Base so that you can take 
out their communications tower. If this tower is taken out, it would provide a 
much easier exit out of the city, and corrupt the military's organization. 
Start off by saving via the nearby statue, then go back into the monastery. 
Head back to the Altar Room, then look along the left-center portion of it. 
You should find Rachel's Warhammer clung along one of the corners. Press X to 
pick it up. The War Hammer is a fairly powerful weapon, capable of killing 
most enemies within 3-4 hits. The only unfortunate disadvantage is that it has 
a horrible attack speed, and you can get countered quite easily against.

- Once you've snatched the War Hammer, you can head all the way back down to 
the "Holy Grail" room, where you obtained the shiny cup from before. Go back 
down the pit, and make your way to this room. When you head inside, you'll be 
surrounded by several zombies. Concentrate on killing the archer ones first 
(about 5-7 in total will respawn), then kill the remaining Skeletal Zombies. 
There should be about 60 in total. Using the War Hammer seems to increase 
blue/red essence that comes out of the creatures. A chest will appear in the 
center after all opponents have been eliminated. A Lives of the Thousands Gods 
should be inside. I'd like to thank Matt Qualls for this tip.

  ^ IMPORTANT: To get out of the chasym you're now in, climb your way  *
  ^            back to the top of the spiral. Once you're at the very  *
  ^            top, take a leap of faith, and Ryu will start swinging  *
  ^            on faint black metal bars. Swing across to the Indiana  *
  ^            Jones passageway, go back to the altar hole, and multi- *
  ^            bird jump to reach the Monastery Main Room.             *

Once you're done snooping around, leave the Monastery, and go right. Go into 
the stairwell, and use the nearby Muramasa Statue. I highly recommend 
purchasing at least 8 Elixirs of Spiritual Life (unless you're fairly 
confident in your own abilities). You won't be seeing one of these for awhile. 
Now, leave via the large Monastery Gate in front of the primary door. You'll 
now be in the Monastery Plaza. Suddenly, 5 Vigoorian Soldiers will pop out 
from the street corner. Engage, and kill them all. Vigoorian Soldiers are 
slightly more advanced than Vigoorian Guards. They're now equipped with 
assault rifles, so you'll have to block several shots at a time. At the end of 
each rifle is a bayonet - don't get too relaxed when approaching them for 
close combat. They also have a special grapple move where they lunge forward, 
and stick you with their bayonet, then suddenly shoot you away. The easiest 
way to deal with them is to block their shots until they go to reload, then 
lunge at them with a Y attack. Once you're up close, simply slice n' dice till 
they're dead. If they attack you with their bayonet, simply roll out of the 
way, and their lack of agility makes them easy targets on the wind. Once 
you've dealt with the 5 soldiers, Go up the middle pathway (to the Tracks).

Again, you'll have 3 soldiers to deal with. Finish them off as before. Be 
careful though as certain soldiers will toss grenades from a distance if 
you're within their ranged attack. Use the nearby Save Statue on Drawbridge 
Hill, then head down. Go to the switch at the end of the street, and press X 
to enable it. This will lower the drawbridge.

   *As the Drawbridge lowers, you'll also be presented with the image of two
    large turret tanks, along with a few soldiers patrolling the ridge. Let's
    show the Army who's the boss.*

Head for the bridge. You can either snipe the exposed guards with arrows, or 
simply charge across, and play like Rambo. I personally charge across. There 
are a few things to watch out for. You'll have to deal with 2 Rocket Soldiers, 
3 Vigoorian Soldiers, and 2 Vigoorian Turret Tanks. Turret tanks basically are 
armored vehicles with machine gun turrets up top. They usually fire in small 
intervals, but they're always stationary. Simply run, roll, and block the 
oncoming bullets. Rocket soldiers are a different story. All they launch is 
rocket propelled missiles, meaning you have to roll under, or leap over the 
oncoming attack. Quickly, run up, and keep slashing. Whatever you do, don't 
get jammed in a corner as they will keep firing and knocking down your life. 
Once you've dealt with all soldiers, head to the blue-dotted door, and open it.

Once inside, you'll be greeted by 3 soldiers up above. There are a few rocket 
soldiers, so keep your head on alert. Personally, I ran up the walls, leaped 
off, then quickly A + Y attacked them before they could fire again. Focus on 
the Rocket Launchers. If you missed the scarab from Chapter 4, it's located 
opposite of the Pegasus Chest in a small indentation. However, it should have 
been taken by now. Instead, you can either take a huge shortcut, or take the 
pain and suffering of more Vigoorian Soldiers. I personally took the shortcut. 
Whip out the War Hammer, and slam the wall at the end of the alley. Head on 
through, and open the chest to reveal a Great Spirit Elixir. You'll now be 
brought to a street right before the T-cross section (before the Military 
Gate). Head up the steps, and eliminate the 3 soldiers up above. Go right, 
then open the Skull Gate on the left. Grab Golden Scarab #1 on the ground, and 
open the nearby chest for an Elixir of Spiritual Life. If you need to refill 
on any supplies, use the nearby Muramasa Statue. It might be best to turn in 
some scarabs now, and see what you're rewarded with.

Once you're done plundering this pitiful alley, go to the small indentation in 
the corner. Perform a running-wall jump to reach the area above (you must run 
for a bit before jumping off the wall). Then, perform another wall jump to 
reach the balcony above. Go into the third floor of the building, and proceed 
upstairs. Once you reach the open window, look on the wall for a large 
black/silver bow. Walk up to the exhibit, and press X. The only way to obtain 
this bow is to exchange your own Hayabusa Village Bow. Press Yes to do so, and 
you'll now have the Strong Bow. Head out, and go to the Military Gate next 
store. Run around for a bit, and go near the ninja's body. Take out the 2 
soldiers in the machine gun turrets (I'd like to thank Samir Cherian for this 
tip as you'll only take fire from one turret in the isolated position), and a 
small cutscene will show a Vigoorian Helicopter showing up to cause some 
trouble. The helicopter has primarily two different types of attacks. One is a 
vulcan machine gun attack where it sends down an array of stray bullets. 
Either block them with your sword, or keeping running along (with the trail 
following you). To avoid the missiles, roll (when the missiles are close to 
striking), then jump, and jump. You should be able to avoid the oncoming sets 
without suffering damage. The helicopter flies away after laying down a few 
air strikes.

Once the helicopter is gone, turn towards the fourth floor window (you peered 
out before), and snipe the rocket launcher soldier who pops up. Now, the door 
should unlock. Also, the switch to the Military Gate should be exposed. Go 
back up to the Skull Window, look out with the Strong Bow, and snipe the 
target in the tower (across from the window) with the Strong Bow. The Military 
Gate should open up. Before jumping down to ground level, go to the third 
floor balcony (of the skull building). Perform a double wall-run (around the 
corner from the balcony), and Ryu should land on a small hidden gap (not 
visible from the ground level). Grab Golden Scarab #2 on the ground. Once 
you've snatched that, go to the Military Gate, and head on through. Fairly 
easy mission.

                           NO BOSS - Wahoo!

/The Military Supply Base (4.9)/
   SECRETS: (4) Golden Scarabs
            (3) Life of the Gods
  "The Vigoor Army is after a renegade element, Ryu. The Military Radio Tower
   is key to the Army's Organization..."

You'll now be inside the Vigoorian Military Supply Base. Quite a cozy place if 
you ask me. Start off by saving your game via the nearby statue on the right 
side. Run forward into the tunnel, and open the large gray metal door on the 
right. Head on in, and take care of the 3 Vigoorian Soldiers. Keep moving 
forward, and open the left door. You'll now be near the entrance to the Supply 
Warehouse. Look to your left, and you should start taking fire from 2 Tower 
Gunners. Snipe the 2 gunners with your Strong Bow, then move up and combat the 
6 soldiers nearby. Be careful though as there is a Turret Tank in the center 
of the battle arena. Once you've taken care of all opposing targets, go back 
near the exit of the tunnel. Right near the corner should be Golden Scarab #1.

Near the warehouse entrance, press X on the glowing aura. You should receive 
the Warehouse Key. Check the crate along the warehouse wall to receive 
Explosive Arrows. Enter the warehouse. Once inside, you'll notice that the 
entire room is fairly barren. No guards, no alarms, nothing. Check the chest 
in the lower left corner of the room for an Elixir of Spiritual Life. Go in 
the depressed slot near the left side of the room, and smash the two crates to 
receive a Life of the Gods, and an Elixir of Devil Way. Go up the stairs, then 
open the chest up top to receive 5,000 essence. Continue along, and suddenly 
you'll hear an alarm going off.

   *Small robotic alert helicopters will fly out from a vent above.*

These Alarm Helicopters (as I like to call them) are fairly easy to kill. 
Simply equip your Windmill Shuriken (or explosive arrows), and knock them off 
with one shot at a time. If they get within proximity, the robots will send 
off a blue laser that scans across the room, and hurts any organic target. 
Basically, this means you should avoid it. If you're hit, you'll also be 
knocked off the stairwell. Anyhow, continue along down the pathway, and check 
the crate by the second stairs for APFSDS Cores. These are basically arrows 
tipped with tank-core shell materials - very dangerous in the hands of a 
ninja.  Go up the second stairwell, and hit the power switch up top to 
initiate all power to the room. On the top floor, run to the far end, and hit 
the switch to cause for platform #1 to move back and forth. Look down, and you 
should see some gold "aura" shining from atop one of the trains. To reach 
Golden Scarab #2, simply jump on moving platform #1, and jump to the middle 
train. From there, run and forward jump + Y towards the train with the scarab 
up top. This is an easy way of reaching it.

>> I'd like to thank Ben Crouch for the following tip:

   - The easiest way to reach Golden Scarab #2 is to simply wall run along the
     side of the train. When you reach the height of the wall run, quickly
     press A, then Y. Ryu will perform a flying downward slash. However, you
     will elevate to a great height, then leap down on the top of the train.
     This IS the easiest way of reaching it (rather than the moving platforms).

Once you've gathered that, jump to ground level, then head to the middle/right 
portion of the room. Hit the control panel along the lighted pillar to cause 
for platform #2 to start moving. Run back up the same stairs, and continue to 
where the second stairwell was. Instead of going up, jump across to moving 
platform #1, then jump to the middle train. Now, leap to the second platform, 
and from there to the opposite side. Once you're on the opposite location, 
open the nearby chest for a Great Spirit Elixir. Run forward, then climb the 
stairs, and open a chest for an Elixir of Spiritual Life. Run to the far end, 
now wall leap up to the top of this small cabin. Golden Scarab #3 should be up 
there. Head inside to the small room via the door, and grab the Map of the 
Military Supply Base, along with the Shutter Control Card Key. Run back down 
to ground level, and go to the shutter panels (looks like large gray aluminum 
panels). Walk up to the control panel, and press X to use the card. Ryu will 
now enter the "trainyard."
\ Locomotive Turntable }
Right off the bat, you're going to be forced to deal with 8-10 Vigoorian 
Soldiers. Repeat the same procedures from before, and you might want to make 
use of some Essence attacks to rack up the bonus points. Once they're all 
dead, the nearby keycard door will unlock. Before heading on through though, 
go left, and inside a small garage outlet will be a chest containing an Elixir 
of Spiritual Life, along with a save point. Use both wisely. Go up to the 
color door (with the red/green buttons), and press X to enter. You'll now be 
in a vast courtyard, where several refineries surround the vicinity. Go near 
the center, and suddenly a cutscene will implode.

   *Nearby Vigoorian Soldiers will sprint and arm themselves inside armored
    tanks. This certainly isn't getting any easier than before.*

  - 2 TANKS - Mini Boss                                                    -
  - While this isn't necessarily a boss fight, it's important to understand-
  = how exactly to get past the following enemies. Tanks have two different=
  - attacks, cannon blasts, and machine gun fire. Whenever the machine gun -
  = fires, hold down the block button to fend off the rounds of ammunition.=
  - Now, quickly pull out your bow, and equip APFSDS Cores. Launch a Core  -
  = arrow whenever the machine gun is not firing, and the Turret is rotated=
  - AWAY from Ryu. Keep repeating this process, and you should be able to  -
  = destroy the tank. Items to watch out for involve avoiding the tanks    =
  - treads (you can get run over repeatedly), not getting too close to the -
  = tank (you'll get blown to pieces by the cannon blasts). To avoid the   =
  - blast, simply jump right before the shot reaches you. Try to prevent   -
  = rolling, as it only slows you down, and makes you more stationary for  =
  - targeting. After you defeat the first tank, another one will roll out, -
  = so do not waste too much time on the first one. You may refill your    =
  - supply of arrows (explosive or APFSDS) via two nearby crates.          -

  * ALTERNATE STRATEGY - Thanks to Avery Williams                          *
  * Right when the fight begins, run to the right to avoid the first turret*
  * blast. Quickly counterfire with an explosive arrow to knock the tank   *
  * gunner off his post. During this momentary elapse, run towards the tank*
  * until you're 3-4 feet away along the side. Fire APFSDS arrows as the   *
  * tank drives in circles around you. Continue doing this until the gunner*
  * pops back up again. Use another shot from an explosive arrow to knock  *
  * him down, and repeat the process. This is an excellent strategy as Ryu *
  * is within the minimal range of the tank's turret system (meaning you   *
  * will not be struck by a cannon blast), yet it cannot run you over.     *
  * Thanks a lot for this strategy.                                        *

After the tanks are destroyed, an elevator will lower. Go to the elevator, but 
open the chest on the right side of it for a Great Spirit Elixir. Head inside 
to go up. Save your game via the statue to your right, and prepare for a 
daring boss battle. Head on up to the Overpass, and immediately pull out your 
arrows. Aim in the distance, and take out the two rocket launching soldiers. 
Reload your APFSDS Cores via the nearby crate. Walk to the center of the 
walkway for a surprise.

>> NOTE: I'd like to thank Samir Cherian for the following tip. For the two
         rocket soldiers, have Ryu's back foot on the fifth step, and then
         switch to first person view. You can snipe the two rocket launcher
         soldiers without them seeing you. Much more efficient than wasting
         your time as an exposed target.

   *Remember the helicopter from before? It's back, with a vengeance.*

  ~= LEVEL NINE BOSS  | Helicopter | DIFFICULTY: **                         =~
  ~ This can be a fairly hard boss if you ran out of elixirs thanks to the   ~
  & previous 2-tank mini boss. Starting off, the helicopter has primarily 3  &
  ~ attacks during this battle. You'll receive the typical missile attack,   ~
  & which can be avoided by rolling (before impact), then jump, jump. You'll &
  ~ also have to deal with typical machine gun fire (block), and a bombing   ~
  & run (drops bombs near center of vertical stretch). The bombing run is a  &
  ~ rare occurrence, but happens after the helicopter goes through 3         ~
  & attack cycles. Use the above methods to avoid its attacks. Simply counter&
  ~ fire with APFSDS Cores (do the most damage, but slower), and Explosive   ~
  & Arrows (faster, less damage). Note that the helo will fly under the      &
  ~ bridge at one point, then rise up on the other side. I can usually pelt  ~
  & a few projectiles while it does this. Most of its missile firing runs    &
  ~ will leave a temporary time of exposure. Fire some projectiles whenever  ~
  & the helicopter is standing still. For the bombing run, simply run to the &
  ~ side railings to avoid taking any damage. Its missile attacks will       ~
  & continue to get more, and more aggressive, and you'll have to deal with  &
  ~ 2 consecutive firings. Repeat the evasion process, but make sure you do  ~
  & not get caught in one of the edge boundaries.                            &

   *After being victorious in battle, we'll see a brief movie scene of Ryu
    pulling back on a lone arrow, and launching a final blow to cause for the
    helicopter to explode. Soon enough, it plummets to the ground in a fiery
    rage. You best not mess with a ninja.*

Head on forward where the rocket soldiers were before. I recommend refilling 
your APFSDS Cores, and Explosive Arrows before leaving though. It's also best 
to resave your game via the save point from before. Go to the end of the 
walkway, and open the chest for an Elixir of Spiritual Life. There's also a 
useful Muramasa Statue, and it's best to refill your potion supply (preferably 
6 now). Now, go back a bit, and position Ryu between two tall metal columns. 
Perform a wall jump four times until you reach the top. Golden Scarab #4 
should be located on the ground up top. Open the door, and head on in.

   *The door will lock behind you, and a massive picture of the Military Radio
    Tower is displayed before us. However, before you can go on, the Vigoorian
    Army isn't going to let you take it without force.*

 * Quicker way of getting past the Radio Tower (thanks to Grimreaper187_666)*
 * If you don't feel like fighting a plethora of soldiers, or don't want to,*
 * quickly pull out your explosive arrows and aim for the radar domes. Once *
 * you head through the door, ignore the soldiers that pop down, and destroy*
 * them quickly. You can actually avoid fighting any soldiers, and the      *
 * rocket launcher dudes if you do it quick enough. Perfect for anyone who  *
 * needs to complete this mission in a jiffy.                               *

Now that you're on the Rooftop, you'll be greeted by 5 Vigoorian Soldiers. 
Make quick use of them, as they're traditional soldiers. Once they're 
eliminated, quickly arm your bow, and look towards the tower. You're going to 
have to deal with several rocket launcher soldiers, who are positioned on the 
radio tower as follows:

      X - Radio Dome Target           - Basically, snipe the Rocket Soldiers
                                        with explosive arrows. There are about
  _X___X___X_ <--- Three Floors         10 in total. If a rocket is coming
  _X___X___X_                           towards you, you can destroy it with
  _X___X___X_                           an arrow, or simply jump out of the
                                        way. Wait until a few rockets explode
                                        before attempting to snipe. Snipe the
                                        9 Radar Domes to cause for the tower
                                        to be destroyed.

   *If performed correctly, the military's only root for communication will
    crash into a burning heap of debris. Mission accomplished, young hero.*

Refill your arrows, grab the chest in the center for a Great Devil Elixir, 
then head back to the door. A Kunai note will fly by. Read it, and it tells 
you that now is your best time to escape from Tairon. Since the radar dome is 
destroyed, the military has lost all airwaves for communication. Complete 
disorganization if you ask me. Head out the second door. You'll now be above 
the area from before, but there will also be some Alarm Helicopters. Snipe 
them with your explosive arrows, then wall run across the gap to the other 
part of the metal walkway. Open the new door, and the camera angle will be 
pointed at Ryu. You can either quickly pull out your bow, and snipe the 3 
rocket soldiers across from you, or attempt to get in close, and slash them to 
death. Personally, I ran up, and used Ninpo magic to make the battle a quick 
success. Once they're dead, open the chest for an Elixir of Devil Way. Go to 
the end of the cargo box, and enter the doorway. There will be 3 default 
Vigoorian Soldiers to deal with. Once they're dead, head down the stairs, and 
go into the little inlet. Open the chest for a Life of the Gods. I'd like to 
thank Thomas Skovgaard for the following tip. RETURN back to where you fought 
the rocket soldiers, and deal with them again. After they're dead a second 
time, the control key card will appear as an aura in the corner of the crate. 
Make sure you pick it up. Go back to the locked door, and head on through the 
key card door; Ryu will use the Control Room Key Card. Press X on the control 
panel switches.

   *The train from before, in the Turntable, will now be shifted onto open
    tracks. Ryu jumps aboard, and it launches off out of the Supply Base
    into the city of Tairon. Soon enough, another oncoming train is heading
    on the same tracks. Ryu stares down the train, and jumps off at the last
    moment before the two trains collide. Close one.*

==> CHAPTER 9 ends here, but it doesn't quite start Chapter 10 either <==

Ryu will be standing next to the wrecked crash. Check the nearby crate to 
refill your explosive arrows. Also, open the chest for a Life of the Gods. Go 
out via the nearby black gate, and walk around for a bit. Eventually, the 
nearby sewer grate will pop up, and 3 Sewer Zombies will pop up. These are 
like the traditional zombies from before, except they have different colors, 
and are a tad more powerful when aerial. Basically, fend off their 3-4 hit 
combos, then counter attack. Avoid jumping when around these creatures. They 
have a nasty flying kick that yields about 25% damage. Once you've killed 
them, jump down the hole to start Chapter 10.

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