Guide for Chapter 1 of Ninja Gaiden Sigma II
Name Guide for Chapter 1 of Ninja Gaiden Sigma II
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You control Ryu in this chapter. Right off the bat, hold down the block button as you're going to have Ninjas charging you from the get go. If you've never played Ninja Gaiden before, the game will give you instructions on how to fight. After you kill them there will be a brief cutscene. When it ends you'll fight some more Ninjas.

Ch01 A

Kill the Ninjas and follow the boardwalk to the left. There's a chest. Open it to receive an Herb of Spiritual Life. Use this to restore your health if needed. Head back to the left and down the stairs to continue the level.

Ch01 B Ch01 C

You'll come upon a Save Statue. Before you can use it though you'll have to fight off some more Ninjas. After you've dispatched them use the Statue to save and heal your wounds. You'll enter a hallway and see some Ninjas charging toward you. Hold the triangle button to charge up an Ultimate Technique attack. When they get close let it loose and it should pretty well exterminate them. At the end of the hall is a room with a chest in it. Open it to receive some Blue Essence and restore your health.

Ch01 D Ch01 E

Exit the room and continue down the next hallway. In the middle of the hallway there's a gap in the floor. To cross it perform a wall run. Before that however hop down into the room below and open the chest located there. It will contain a scroll explain the Technique of Shadowless Footsteps, which in plain speech is the wall run move we were just talking about. Use it for pointers if you have trouble.

Ch01 F Ch01 G

Make your out of the hole and across the gap to continue. You'll turn a corner and find a room to your left and a chest right in front of you. Open it to receive a scroll explaining the Reverse Wind Technique which helps with dodging enemy attacks.

Ch01 H

Proceed into the room and open the chest immediately to your left. It contains a Life of the Thousand Gods which will expand your health bar. As you leave the building you'll note a Crystal Skull on rooftop opposite your position.

Ch01 I Ch01 J

Before dropping into the area below, hop across to the adjacent roof and grab the Crystal Skull. Don't worry if you miss, there's a ladder below.

Ch01 K

After you get the Crystal Skull, drop down to the area below. Enter the building directly ahead. Some Ninjas will attack you. After they're dead, go open the chest by the vase near the wall. There's an Herb of Spiritual Life inside. Now smash the vases and crate in the corner to receive some Essence.

Ch01 L Ch01 M

Head up the stairs. You'll be attacked by a lone Ninja. After you've maimed the poor fool you'll come to a boardwalk with a waterfall visible. Almost immediately there will be a chest to your left. Open it for a scroll explaining how to use Ninpo and teaching you your first spell. After you open this chest you'll be attacked by some Warlocks. These guys are tougher then you're average Ninja. Block their attacks and when they pause lay into them with sword strikes and combos.

Ch01 N Ch01 O

Continue up the next flight of stairs where you'll see a chest sitting. Kick it and you'll receive some Ki to use with your Ninpo abilities. Proceed through the nearby door and you'll encounter another gap and some incoming Ninjas. Let them come to you and then wall run to bridge the gap. If you fall, there's a ladder back up.

Ch01 P Ch01 R

Continue up the stairs to another gap and more Ninjas leaping across it. You can't wall run to get across this one. Instead jump toward the bar jutting out of the wall toward the middle of the gap. Ryu will catch hold of it and you can then jump to the other side. Once there you'll find a corpse. Examine it for a scroll explaining the Obliteration Technique which helps you execute wounded foes. Right after that you'll be attacked by some one armed Ninjas to practice on.

Ch01 S Ch01 T

Ch01 U

As you reach the end of the hallway you'll see another corpse and a Save Statue. The corpse is holding a scroll explaining the Flying Bird Technique which allows you to scale parallel walls via rebound jumps. Use the Save Statue and continue either with the ladder or the Flying Bird.

You'll emerge in a courtyard with some cherry blossom trees and, you guessed it, some Ninjas. Take them down, practicing your Obliteration Technique if the opportunity presents itself. After they're all in pieces, head toward the bridge.

Ch01 V Ch01 W

Don't cross the bridge just yet. Hop down into the water below and turn right toward the waterfall area. More Ninjas will drop in. Kill them and then run to the area with all the hanging lanterns. You'll find a chest in a corner there containing a Life of the Gods. Collect enough of these little suckers and your health bar will increase. Head all the way left of the bridge and you'll find another chest inside a boat. Open it to receive a Devil's Way Mushroom. Use this if you run low on Ki.

Ch01 X Ch01 Y

Now you can cross the bridge. Smash the vase for some essence. Now head left and you'll be attacked by Warlocks. Keep following the trail and you'll turn a corner to the right. Head down the ramp and continue on and trigger a cutscene. The cutscene will end and you'll be attacked by Ninjas and an Archer.

Ch01 Z Ch01 AA

Ch01 BB

Crystal Skull You see where the Archer is perched? There's a Crystal Skull up there too! To get up there requires a bit of acrobatics. Heading down the stairs here, you'll see a tree positioned right about where the right hand railing stops. Look up and you'll also see a roof ledge. Do a bird flip off of the tree and onto the ledge. Then just run over the Archer's dispatch them and grab the Crystal Skull.

Ch01 CC Ch01 DD

Kill your foes and continue down the path. You'll come across another gap. Two Ninjas will leap across it. Kill them. Before heading to the other side of the gap, jump down to find a chest containing some Blue Essence. Head in the direction opposite this chest and you'll encounter some Ninjas and find another chest containing a Life of the Gods.. Now climb back up and use the bar in the middle of the gap to hop to the other side.

Ch01 EE Ch01 FF

Ch01 GG

When you hit the other side you'll be attacked by a couple more Ninjas. After they're dead continue on. You'll come to another gap with two bars this time. Jump onto the first one and then jump and catch the second. Easy as cake. When you reach the other side, head up the stairs and use the Save Statue. After that head up the ladder.

Ch01 HH Ch01 II

When you reach the top of the ladder, head right. There's a chest containing a Devil's Way Mushroom. Next, continue to the left. You'll find a corpse. Examine it to find a scroll detailing the Flying Swallow Technique. Remember this one as it is endlessly useful and effective against most every enemy in the game.

Ch01 JJ Ch01 KK

Continue down the boardwalk. You'll come to a larger area where you'll be attacked by Ninjas, Warlocks and a new enemy, the Phantom Warlock. Phantom Warlocks are one of the most annoying enemies in the game. They float around the screen shooting off fireballs and can disappear and reappear at will. They love to appear right next to you and hit you with a melee combo. Try the Flying Swallow on them. After you kill these guys, prepare for a Boss Battle.

Boss Battle: Big Buddha Edit

Big Buddha has several attacks which for the most part are easy to avoid. When you see a large glowing circle form in front of him, he's performing a laser attack. Just stay on the move and it should miss you. Buddha can also summon energy blasts that will explode underneath Ryu. To dodge these just stay on the move and jump or perform a Reverse Wind to get out of their way. Buddha will slap and pound the ground, to avoid these just stay out of the middle of the platform.

To take Buddha down you need to hit his hands. The best way to do this is to stay to the right of the screen beside his left hand (It works with the other hand too). Most of his physical attacks will miss you and you'll be left wide open to attack his hand. Just avoid his attacks and keep hitting him. When his health drops to about a quarter he'll fall over. Run to his head and use the Obliteration Technique to end the battle. Do it quickly or he'llregenerate.

After you down Big Buddha, a door will open up behind you. To the left is a chest. Open it for some Ki. To the right is a Save Statue. Finally, at the center is a statue. Examine it receive the Lunar Staff. The Lunar Staff as a rule is a good alternative, especially if you're fighting enemies of a larger caliber.

Ch01 NN Ch01 OO

Ch01 PP

Leave the room and continue to right. You'll come to a set of stairs. At the base of the stairs is a corpse. Examine it to receive a scroll detailing the use of the Ultimate Technique. After this you'll come to a bridge, a group of Ninjas will swarm across. Practice the Ultimate Technique if you want. Across the bridge you'll find a corpse with a notebook further discussing the Obliteration Technique.

Ch01 RR Ch01 SS

Ch01 TT Ch01 UU

Enter the house to find another corpse with a scroll talking about the Technique of Ultimate Guidance. Head straight through the house into the courtyard where you'll be attacked by Ninjas, Warlocks and Phantom Warlocks. After they're dead, check the far right corner starting from where you entered. There will be a chest containing some Essence.

Ch01 VV Ch01 WW

After that head into the building through the newly opened doors. Inside you'll fine another chest. Open it for some Essence. Head over to the paper doors on the left. Some Ninjas will cut through them. Hack them down and continue into the area they opened up. You'll end up in a courtyard containing a Muramasa Statue and some Ninjas. Kill the Ninjas and use the statue to buy supplies. After that jump down the well.

Ch01 XX Ch01 YY

Ch01 ZZ

At the bottom you'll be attacked by some bats. They're so weak they barely even really count as a threat. Kill them and move on. You'll head onto a metal walkway. Along the way you'll find a corpse. Examine it to find a notebook detailing the Technique of Shadowless Footsteps.

Ch01 AAA Ch01 BBB

Proceed forward. You'll be attacked by a pair of Ninjas. After you kill them you'll come to a gap. You can wall run to get across. First head down the ramp and kick open the chest in the corner for a Devil's Way Mushroom. Cross the gap and continue.

Continue down the walkway. You'll come to a section where the railing is gone. Head to where the walkway ends and open the chest waiting for you. There's some Blue Essence inside. Head back a drop down from the spot with no railing.

Ch01 DDD Ch01 EEE

Ch01 CCC

You'll land on a long freeway area. Head to the left as going right leads to a dead end. Shortly left, you'll find a corpse. Examine it for a scroll detailing the Furious Wind Technique. Continue on. You'll be attacked by some Ninjas and Warlocks. Eventually while you fight them you'll trigger a cutscene.

Ch01 FFF Ch01 GGG

When the cutscene ends you'll be inside a building and under attack by Warlocks. Kill them and use the Save Statue in the corner. Exit the room and work you way through the building. You'll come to some stairs, head down first. At the bottom you'll find a chest. It contains some Essence. Head back up the stairs and this time continue up to the next area.

Ch01 HHH Ch01 III

At the top of the stairs are some waiting Ninjas. Kill them and head up a couple more flights of stairs to find a dead end and a chest containing some Blue Essence. Head back down to where the Ninjas ambushed you and continue through the building. Eventually on your left you'll find a door leading to a maintenance room. Inside is a corpse Examine it to find a notebook detailing the Flying Bird Technique. In the left corner of the room is a ladder. Climb it to exit.

Ch01 JJJ Ch01 KKK

You'll come to what seems like a dead end. Notice the parallel walls? Use the Flying Bird Technique to get up to the next area where you'll be attacked by more Ninjas. Kill them and head to your right. There's a Muramasa Statue and a chest. Open the chest to receive some Grains of Spiritual Life.

Ch01 LLL Ch01 MMM

Head left now to continue through the level. You'll come to a flight of stairs. Near them is a Save Statue Use it and head up the stairs. At the top you'll be attacked by Warlocks. Kill them and proceed to trigger a cutscene and a couple boss battles.

Ch01 NNN

Boss Battle: Rasetsu Edit

Ch01 OOO Ch01 PPP

Ch01 RRR

Rasetsu can be hard, if you let him be. He's fast and his attacks reasonably powerful, but they are also easy to avoid and limited in scope. As long as you can keep to his sides and rear, he's pretty much helpless. It's easier said then done, of course. He won't just let you get around him, but it's doable. Basically, just dodge his attacks and pound him until he's dead. He's also very susceptible to the Ultimate Technique, so feel free to use that.

Boss Battle: Big Buddha Edit

Ch01 SSS Ch01 TTT

Buddha's back! Not content to be kicked around just once, it seems he's returned for more. Just do exactly as you did the last time around. Dodge his attacks while hitting his hands. When his health gets low use the Obliteration Technique. This time he stays dead. Congrats, you've finished Chapter One.

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