NG1 Item Crank

NG1:Hand Crank key item

The Hand Crank is a key item in the original Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden Black, found and used in Chapter 11 "The Path To Zarkhan".  It is not obtainable in Ninja Gaiden Sigma or Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus as it is found already attached to the reel it is to be connected to.

Location and UseEdit

The Hand Crank is a key item found and used in "The Path To Zarkhan" chapter.  During this chapter Ryu will find a half submerged sunken small ship, where is he swims into the ship's submerged lower section he will find the Hand Crank. Once obtained Ryu can attach it to the reel on the top of the ship, where turning the crank will open a second small area inside the ship with another key item.  

This other key item found will be the Oxygen Cylinder in the original Ninja Gaiden and Black, or the Key Of Triton if playing Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Sigma Plus.  

In Ninja Gaiden Sigma, the Hand Crank cannot be obtained as it is already attached to the Reel it would be connected to. Where Ryu would normally find the Hand Crank, he can now find the Oxygen Cylinder in.

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