Ice Dragon
Race: Fiend (Dragon)
Rank: Ice Dragon
Debut: Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword

Ice Dragon (氷龍 koori ryuu) is an unnamed dragon boss from Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword, so it is simply referred to as the Ice Dragon. It is the Ice counterpart to Smaugan the Flame Dragon, dwelling inside a hidden section of the Cavern of Ice.


Seen as a large aqua blue Dragon, with four limbs, a long neck, frills and a set of wings. It is a Western Dragon of European culture.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Ice Breath: The Ice Dragon breaths a steady haze of freezing fog from its mouth, freezing anything that comes into contact with it.

Ice Blast: It shoots out a projectile blast of freezing ice from its mouth.

Dragon Snap: A devastating attack due to the high amount of damage it does, the Ice Dragon will quickly snap at its enemies with its deadly jaws. The jaws are large enough to easily devour a human in just one bite.

Icicle Drop: By creating seismic quakes in the Cavern of Ice, the Ice Dragon is able to cause large Icicles to drop on its enemies. It has full control and precision over where the icicles will drop and land.

Cold Resistant: As the Ice Dragon, it is most comfortable in extreme cold temperatures.


Ninja Gaiden: Dragon SwordEdit

After defeating Smaugan the Flame Dragon, Ryu Hayabusa follows the Dark Dragonstone of Fire recovered from Smaugan, which leads him into the Cavern of Ice. While fighting half way through the Cavern of Ice, earthquakes start shaking the cave, droppings icicles around Ryu. Ryu quickly rushes fighting the rest of his way to the end of the Caverns, where he drops down into a hole in the floor, landing hundreds of feet down on a flat Iceberg, as the Ice Dragon appeared: Ryu had enter the Domain of the Ice Dragon. On the Iceberg Ryu battled the Ice Dragon who attacked from the edge, breating Icy fog, spitting Ice Blasts, snapping at Ryu with its huge jaws and occasionally creating an earthquake to drop Icicles on top of Ryu. After another hard fought battle Ryu manages to slay the Ice Dragon too, recovering the Dark Dragonstone of Ice from it.


  • The area is an iceberg platform in the middle, so the Ice Dragon will attack from the outside of the platform. It'll occasionally go under the Ice and appear at another spot on the outside.
  • Basically use the same strategy as you would with Smaugan, it can easily be beaten by shooting arrows from a distance, slashing when it's head drops on the ice, dodging it's attacks, and shaking out if it manages to get you in its mouth. Once it is struck enough it will drop it's head on the ice, leaving it's head open for free attacks.

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