Military Fiend
Enemy Guard MSAT Corrupted 066066
Race Fiend
Professional Status
Affiliation Vigoor
Rank Minion
First Appearance
Debut Ninja Gaiden

Military Fiends are fiends found in Tairon and Dworku after the Fiendish Awakening. They appear to be MSAT Commandos turned into fiends, judging by their use of stun batons and similar pants.


A beige skinned faceless zombie-like fiend with black pants, holding a plasma baton.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Combat: The Military Fiends were once MSAT soldiers. Thus, they still retain some of their combat skills and are deadly in combat. They can also jump in the air and strike down enemies with their batons, identically to the Shadow Fiends.

Guillotine Throw: The Military Fiends will grab their opponent with their baton and throw them identically to the way Ryu Hayabusa does Guillotine Throw on enemies.

Fireballs: Military Fiends charge up a red light in their invisible face, then shoot out a strong fireball.

Block: They can block attacks.


Ninja Gaiden SigmaEdit

After Ryu had defeated Doku, Doku brought about the Fiendish Awakening. The Fiendish Awakening is a ceremony that transforms people into fiends. It infected almost all of the Vigoor Soldiers, transforming them into Fiends. When Ryu arrived in Tairon after defeating Doku, he fought a bunch of Military Fiends trying to get to Muramasa's Shop. After coming out of the Aqueduct sewer hole, Ryu fought 3 zombiefied Tairon Soldiers that had been turned into Ghuls holding gigantic bayoneted guns. When he reached Twin Serpents Plaza to put the tablet fragments, he went all the way to the Zarkhan Pyramid, where the Awakening was held. Even after foiling it, the Military Fiends were still not cured from their fiendish form. When Ryu destroyed the Imperial Palace Core and defeated the Emperor, peace was restored to Vigoor and all Fiends were destroyed.


  • These fiends are relatively easy. Just choose your favorite weapon, unleash a string of combos on them and they can be dead in no time.
  • Be mindful of their Guillotine Throw, which is unblockable no matter what, and be careful of the fireballs, which stun Ryu and inflict minimal damage.

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