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Miss Monday
Race Human
Nationality Unknown (Presumably American)
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Freelance; formerly Forge Industries
Occupation Scientist
Rank Unknown
Title Doctor (Phd)
Partner Yaiba Kamikaze
First Appearance
Debut Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z
Japanese Voice Shizuka Ito
English Voice Anastasia Baranova

Miss Monday is a scientist working for Forge Industries that helped bring Yaiba Kamikaze back to life until both defect finding Alarico del Gonzo's plot.


Miss Monday is an attractive young woman with red hair styled in twin tails and various tattoos across her body, including a star over her right breast and a snake across her left arm.

She wears a revealing black dress with a tie and labcoat over it, and a frilly pink brassier beneath it.


Miss Monday is shown to have a sarcastic streak and evident disdain for Yaiba's vulgarities. She is also described as not differentiating much right and wrong, making her the perfect partner for Yaiba.


As a scientist working for an unknown organization, Miss Monday helped revive and rebuild Yaiba Kamikaze into a cyborg ninja. Once he was enlisted to help battle the Zombie Outbreak, Monday acted as mission control and support for Kamikaze as he fought through hordes of zombies in hopes of finding and killing Ryu Hayabusa. They soon find out from Ryu that Del Gonzo is responsible for the outbreak and using Yaiba to kill Ryu, in order to become an ultimate lifeform.

Once Del Gonzo is defeated and trying to escape from Yaiba, Monday suddenly appears out of nowhere and shoots Del Gonzo's head for good, as both then conspired to use the cure as a money making tool before returning from alternate dimension afterwards.


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