Monk Fiend
Race: Fiends (Monster)
Rank: Monk
Debut: Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)

Monk Fiends are first encountered and found in the Monastery, usually accompanied by Lesser Shadow Demons and Bast Fiends. They are magical fiends that incinerate upon death.


A skeletal creature that floats, composed of long arms and a spinal column, wearing a red veil and robe like cape and armed with a gigantic magical scythe.

While not in battle (seen only once when Ryu first enter the Monastery) they wrap themselves in their cloak.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Levitation: Through prayer and will power, Monk Fiends are able to levitate through the air, making them difficult to reach by earth bound combatants.

Blink Teleport: Monk Fiends are highly evasive, this ability lets the Monk Fiend disappear and reappear a short distance away instantaneously in a cloud of smoke. While mostly a defensive ability, Monk Fiends will also "Blink" offensively to launch attacks.

Magical Scythe: The Monk Fiend's primary weapon, striking with their Magical Scythes they reap at any souls that happen to be near them. Their impalement throw with this weapon will deal a high amount of damage.

Death Ritual: A Sorcery attack where the Monk Fiend will cast a spell to damage his enemy. At full power this attack will create a magical glyph on the floor beneath the victim, trapping and killing them. At higher difficulty levels, more glyphs are summoned consecutively.


Ninja GaidenEdit

Monk Fiends were once human zealots devoted to the Holy Vigoorian Order. Martyring themselves to Vigoor, they have given up their humanity to become deadly fiends. During the Dark Dragon Blade Incident, many of the monks became fiends as the prophecy of a Fiendish era drew close. However the prophecy was foiled by Ryu Hayabusa as he infiltrated the Monastery in Tairon in search for the Dark Dragon Blade. Many Monk Fiends patrolled the Monastery, upon spotting an intruding Ninja, they would mercilessly cut down that ninja, such as the unfortunate Black Spider Ninja corpse found in the Monastery. When Ryu made his way into the Monastery the Monk Fiends attempted to ambush and kill him, but the resilient ninja managed to fight his way through the Monk Fiends, slaying them as the red blood of the Monk Fiends splattered throughout the Monastery and their bodies vaporized.


  • The Blade of Nirrti (X,X,X,X in mid air) is the most effective move against these fiends.
  • Flying Swallow is effective as well, however these Fiends can easily dodge it by teleporting.
  • Watch out for their Scythe and Ritual attacks, these attacks will take a huge chunk of your life, but can easily be spotted when the Monk Fiend twirls or pulls back his Scythe. Also watch for the glyph on the ground and get out of it.

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