486px-Mugen tenshin village

Mugen Tenshin Village located in the mountains of Miyama

The Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan (霧幻天神流 Mist Phantom Heavenly God Sect?)is a Ninja Clan mentioned in Ninja Gaiden. This is the Ninja Clan from which Ayane and Kasumi originate. Located in the mountain province of Miyama, the Clan is divided into two factions. The Tenjinmon (天神門 Celestial God Branch?) and the Hajinmon (覇神門 Conquering God Branch?).


Tenjin Mon (天神門? Heavenly Deity Sect) is the foreground perspective of Mugen Tenshin style ninjutsu. Most ninjas from the Mugen Tenshin clan belong to this perspective. Tenjin Mon practitioners train in order to acquire superhuman physical strength and battle technique and are highly resistant to physical pressure.

Hajin Mon (覇神門? Conquering God Sect) is the background of Mugen Tenshin style ninjutsu and is considered a secret style within the Mugen Tenshin clan. Hajin Mon practitioners possess the same capabilities of Tenjin Mon practitioners. However, the style is a lot less direct in attacks with emphasis on stronger Ninpo abilities. The ninja of the Hajin Mon style, despite possessing unbelievable powers, provide background support and loyalty to the Tenjin Mon ninja.


As with all shinobi clans, the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan is governed by a group of Master Shinobi, with the lower shinobi "troops" ranking from Greater Shinobi to Lesser Shinobi. The Master Shinobi govern the clan’s activities both within and outside the village, and are regarded with respect by other members of the clan. In Dead or Alive Hayate would take up the position as 18th Master Ninja of the Tenjinmon, the ruling faction of the clan after succeeding his father, Shiden.

The society is also supported by a shadow sect; the Hajin Mon sect. Practitioners of the Hajin Mon style of the clan’s ninjutsu serve as loyal guards and servants to the Master Shinobi, and are considered to be amongst the most skilled members of the clan. The sect's leader used to be Genra, until his death, and the sect is now under the leadership of his foster-daughter, Ayane. The clan has been in good relations with the Hayabusa Clan for generations, and both clans fight together against the Black Spider Clan, rivals to the Hayabusa Clan, and DOATEC, who had often harmed the peace of the Mugen Tenshin Clan with its experiments until the mastermind behind these, Victor Donovan left DOATEC and created MIST.

Notable Items and TechniquesEdit



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