Art Template
Effect {{{effect}}}
Area of Effect {{{area}}}
Range {{{range}}}
Maximum Level {{{level}}}
First Appearance
Debut {{{debut}}}

Template Usage Edit

{{Ninja Gaiden Wiki:Art Template
| name =
| image = [[Image:Ninpo/Magic/Alchemy_Art_name.jpg|250px]]

| effect = 
| area = 
| range = 
| level = 

| debut =

Usage Edit

|name          = <!-- Name of the Ninpo, Magic or Alchemy Art. -->
|image         = <!-- Image of the Ninpo, Magic or Alchemy Art. -->

|effect        = <!-- A short description describing the Art's effect. -->
|area          = <!-- The area of effect such as a radius, in front, below, number of enemies etc.  -->
|range         = <!-- Maximum range of the Art described as either "short/low", "medium" or "long/high". -->
|level         = <!-- Maxiumum level of the Art. -->

All fields other than "name" aren't required for intended performance. Areas left blank are coded to not appear. Also, please do not attempt to add more information then necessary, keep the effect and area of effect descriptions as quick and short as possible.

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