Peluda Tail
NG1-Sigma Peluda Tail
Strength Med
Speed Slow
Range Med
First Appearance
Debut Ninja Gaiden Sigma

The Peluda Tail is a grapple hook like item that is shot from the mechanism mounted on Rachel's right forearm. In cut scenes she uses it as a means of transportation swinging from place to place. In battle it can be used to cause damage or knock down smaller enemies. In the Monastery Rachel can use the Peluda Tail to swing from Chandeliers.


A device made from the sewn skin of an ancient fiend. It is flexible, yet retains a sharp point.


During battle Rachel can uses the Peluda Tail as her ranged attack weapon. It hurts a medium amount of damage upon contact with an enemy. However if the enemy is small enough (such as a soldier) it is capable of knocking the enemy down to the ground if fired from the air, or knocking the enemy backwards into a wall if fired from the ground.

When fired from air, it causes Rachel to stay airborne longer.

In the Monastery, Rachel can swing from the Chandeliers but this is not especially useful. Chandeliers can only be swung from a few times, before they break.

It is also rumored that using the Peluda Tail on Ishtaros can interrupt some of her attacks.


  • In Spanish, the word Peluda means "hairy". This is probably a reference to how this weapon looks like a long hair.
  • In one of the promotional images of Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Rachel is seen with a whip and holding it in a similar manner as how Ishtaros holds her "whip". This whip seems to have been a weapon that was later integrated into the Peluda Tail, or dropped altogether.
    • There still is weapon data for the whip in the game, allowing a player to use an unfinished version of it by modifying a savefile.


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