Plasma Saber / Plasma Saber Mk II

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Strength Medium/High
Speed High
Range Medium
Maximum Level 4
First Appearance
Debut Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)

The Plasma Saber (or Plasma Saber Mk II when fully upgraded) is the one of the last weapons acquired in Ninja Gaiden and its remakes. It is a futuristic weapon, but in terms of gameplay it is exactly the same as the Dragon Sword and it's fully upgraded variant, the True Dragon Sword, excepting a few differences in damage values. [citation needed]


Plasma SaberEdit

Plasma Saber Mk IIEdit

"An upgraded version of the Plasma Saber, in which the plasma oscillator has been tuned to the maximum. A State-of-the-Art weapon that uses a magnetic field to contain a stream of superheated plasma." It's cutting power is quite high, allowing it to slice through anything with relative ease. It's power rivals the True Dragon Sword's own, in terms of sheer cutting capability.


Ninja GaidenEdit

In the original Ninja Gaiden you could obtain the Plasma Saber by wearing the "Ninja Of The Future" costume. To do this you mus have completed the game once, then hold the left trigger while selecting new game. Doing this will replace the Dragon Sword with the Plasma Saber. Like the regular Dragon Sword, the Plasma Saber Mk I can be upgraded to Level 3. To obtain the Plasma Saber Mk II, you simply need the eye of the dragon, obtained when you return to Hayabusa village using the warp portals.

Ninja Gaiden BlackEdit

Ninja Gaiden SigmaEdit

To obtain the Plasma Saber Mk II in Ninja Gaiden Sigma:
(Ninja Dog/Normal): Find all 50 Golden Scarabs
(Hard/Very Hard/Master Ninja): Find 49 Golden Scarabs

Ninja Gaiden Sigma PlusEdit

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