Rod of Trials
Rod of trials
Effect Activates Tests of Valor
First Appearance
Debut Ninja Gaiden II

The Rod of Trials is an item that appears in Ninja Gaiden II, where it is needed to activate the stone circles to enter the Test of Valor.

Description Edit

Ninja Gaiden II Edit

A special rod cast from the purest gold, those who hold this artifact are cast into seemingly endless combat, as if they walked through Hell itself. The holder is thrust into fights to the death known as the Test of Valor. It is said that this rod was used by the God of War himself.

"A rod symbolizing the fighting spirit, cast from the purest gold.  Those upon whom it is bestowed face an endless path of battle, as though they walked through the underworld itself. It is said that those who carry it must face horders of opponents in fights to the death known as Tests of Valor.

According to legend, this treasure was once possessed by the god of war himself."


  • When the portal activates, Sanskrit characters similar to Ninpo surround the gate.
  • Due to the Sanskrit characters and the mention of the God of War, it is likely to be connected to Vaiśravaṇa (Jpn. Bishamonten).
  • The item is found after you defeat a multitude of enemies near the shrine with the sacred stone in Castle of the Dragon during Chapter 2.

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