SAT Commando
Enemy Guard MSAT White 040
Race: Human
Nationality: Vigoorian
Rank: Covert Ops Operative
Debut: Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)

SAT Commandos or Special Assault Team Commandos are the secret police of the Holy Vigoor Empire deployed as a counter terrorist taskforce.


A man in white clothing with brown boots, gloves, black pads and a gas mask, holding a stun baton or a gun.

Armaments and SkillsEdit

Close Quarter Combat: SAT operatives are trained in close quarter combat, making them effective combatants with small firearms and knives.

Combat Knife: Each SAT commando is issued a combat knife, they are trained to quickly finish off an enemy with a special maneuver that allows them to slit the throat of their enemy.

Pistol: This unnamed pistol is a semi automatic weapon, firing off many multiple shots before reloading and guided by a laser pointer. This high-tech weapon does not resemble any current modern pistol.

Gas Mask: SAT commandos are covered completely from head to toe, including a gas mask protecting them from airborne agents.

Plasma Blade: A sword with a plasma blade, only swords of high density designs are able to match the plasma blades.


Ninja Gaiden SigmaEdit

Special Assault Teams were established to hunt down and eliminate anything perceived to be a threat to the sacred Holy Vigoor Empire. Many times over they were successful in their mission until the day when they received reports of a hostile malefactor crossing the border into Vigoor via zeppelin. A special task force of over 30 SATs under General Dynamo were deployed to eliminate this threat, over seen by Gamov who may have leaked this information. Once on the Zeppelin they attempted to ambush their target Ryu Hayabusa, but the skilled Master Ninja proved to much for them. It was a massacre as Ryu wiped out every single SAT commando on the zeppelin to face General Dynamo on top of the zeppelin in a final showdown.

Many hundreds more SATs would attempt to stop Ryu as he infiltrated the capital city of Tairon.


  • SATs are one of the easier enemies in the game, and a welcome sight after the first two chapters, especially on higher difficulties. All you need to do is watch out for their grab attack.
  • They can be defensive at times but are easy to bait out of a defensive stance by making them switch weapons and chase after you or breaking their guard with strong attacks. Other than that they are easy enemies and usually used to hone your skills early in the game before it becomes more difficult with the introduction of Bast Fiends and Black Spider Ninjas.


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