Lesser Shadows teaming up on Rachel.

Shadow Fiends (魔神シャドウ) or Shadow Demons are of the back bone of the Vigoorian fiends, making up the bulk of the Vigoor Sect's forces, these demons are best known for their mantis/crab like appearance and screeching battle cry. They are the Vigoorian counterpart to the Van Gelfs of the Vazdah Sect of Fiends. Originating from the Demon Realm, the Shadow Fiend's fierce and sadistically cunning nature makes them one of the most deadly races of fiends. They're also noted for their agility and ability to disappear into a shadow. Many fiend armies will have these fiends as their main melee assault warriors, usually attacking in large groups, supporting other fiends such as specialized ranged fiends and large powerful fiends.

Shadow Fiends appear in many forms over the course of Ninja Gaiden and it's variations. During the early part of the game Ryu will encounter lesser shadow fiends, as the game progresses Ryu will start to encounter deadlier strains of these demons. Like many other small enemies in the game Ryu can instantly kill shadow fiends by decapitating them. Shadow Fiends also appear in Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword and a newer inferno strain appears in Ninja Gaiden Sigma II.

Shadow FiendsEdit

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