Smoke Bomb
NG1 Icon Smoke Bomb

Smoke Bomb projectile

Damage None
Speed Slow
Chargeable N/A
First Appearance
Debut Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)

Smoke Bombs are a projectile used in the first Ninja Gaiden game of the modern series. When used Ryu Hayabusa will do a small roll forward and the smoke bomb will explode where he was previously.  They cause no damage, but have various effects on enemies such as causing enemies to target the smoke, causing enemies to stop what they were doing and stand still + vulnerable.  Such effects usually only last a second, but can be a great advantage during battle.

Some Known UsesEdit

Causes enemies to fire projectiles at smoke instead of Ryu

Causes enemies to attack smoke instead of you

Stops enemies from firing projectiles

  • Rocket Launcher soldiers
  • Grenade Launcher soldiers

Causes enemies to drop their blocking guard

  • MSAT
  • Samurai foot soldiers
  • Vigoorian Infantry military

Stops fast enemies from moving around, making them stand still for a second (great for stalling enemies while running away or running to a save statue)

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