Substitution Ninpo
Effect Illusion
Area of Effect Surrounding people
Range Unknown
Maximum Level N/A
First Appearance
Debut Dead or Alive: Dimensions


A ninpo that allows someone to create a copy of himself/herself from a nearby object.

When used by a novice, the copy is nothing more than a illusion, but when the art is mastered into further levels it can replace the caster completely, even fighting in the stead of the user.


Substitution Ninpo was first seen in Dead or Alive: Dimensions, where it is used by Ryu Hayabusa against Hayate, as he created a copy of him from a piece of wood and made it fight against Hayate. This ninpo has been also used by Yuki Kamikaze to fool her brother Yaiba Kamikaze during the events of the Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z comics.

Known UsersEdit


  • Although it has been already used twice in multiple media it has never appeared in the Ninja Gaiden series proper.

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