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  • Godisme

    Hello Everyone. I am Godisme, one of the admins here on the wiki. First let me thank everyone who has been making edits recently. You have all been doing a great job.

    Now, today I got access to a new tool to use here on the wiki. It is called the Layout designer. It is a simple way to create pages. As an admin, I create a layout for a specific type of article. Then users can simply go to the layout and hit create page. A new page will be created for them that has the layout already in place. All that is left to do then is to fill it in. This will help with creating a standard layout around the site.

    I am not sure if regular users are able to use it yet. I ask that you guys check your my tools section in the bottom right of your screen. If it…

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  • Godisme

    Things To be done

    November 19, 2010 by Godisme

    Hello users of the Ninja Gaiden wiki. You may have noticed me going around making a ton of changes lately. Well I figured I would let everyone know some things that need to be done if you are looking for something to do.

    1)First are the infoboxes, I have created new infoboxes for Characters, Greater fiends, Fiends, Weapons, Secondary Weapons and Locations. I have placed a few myself but there are still many to be done. If you think any others need to be created, let me know.

    2) The glitch: This is everywhere on the site occurring up to 50 or more times in some of the larger articles. It does not appear on the actual page but in the code. If you see it, remove it. It is caused when you hold shift when you hit space.

    3)Images need to be resize…

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  • Godisme

    The Times They Are A Changing

    November 14, 2010 by Godisme

    Hello, I am Godisme. I recently happened upon this wiki and found it to be in bad shape. I have placed an adoption request at community central to adopt this wiki as all the admins seem to have disappeared. So first I would like to know if any users have any objections to me being an admin. I have already started to make some changes around here, creating new infoboxes, adding templates, redirects and properly placing images. If I become an administrator, there are many things that I would like to start doing. Firstly, I want to categorize images and give them better names. As of right now, most images on this site have very poor file names. I also want to create some policies to help make this site better such as an image policy and such.…

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