Hello Everyone. I am Godisme, one of the admins here on the wiki. First let me thank everyone who has been making edits recently. You have all been doing a great job.

Now, today I got access to a new tool to use here on the wiki. It is called the Layout designer. It is a simple way to create pages. As an admin, I create a layout for a specific type of article. Then users can simply go to the layout and hit create page. A new page will be created for them that has the layout already in place. All that is left to do then is to fill it in. This will help with creating a standard layout around the site.

I am not sure if regular users are able to use it yet. I ask that you guys check your my tools section in the bottom right of your screen. If it is not there then it seems only the admins can use it at this point. So if you can see, it use it, if not look to the Ninja Gaiden Wiki:Layout Guide or Ryu Hayabusa's page to see how a character article should look. Keep up the good work and ask myself or Kusanagi Hiei if you have any questions.

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