Hello, I am Godisme. I recently happened upon this wiki and found it to be in bad shape. I have placed an adoption request at community central to adopt this wiki as all the admins seem to have disappeared. So first I would like to know if any users have any objections to me being an admin. I have already started to make some changes around here, creating new infoboxes, adding templates, redirects and properly placing images. If I become an administrator, there are many things that I would like to start doing. Firstly, I want to categorize images and give them better names. As of right now, most images on this site have very poor file names. I also want to create some policies to help make this site better such as an image policy and such. There are a few controversial things I would like to do as well. The first being the Dead or Alive content. I want to get rid of it. This is the Ninja Gaiden Wiki, the DOA wiki is separate from us. We should focus on the Ninja Gaiden content. As such, Ryu's page would become shorter but I would like to integrate his biography into it better, expanding the content. I would move Ayane's page to just Ayane instead of Ayane (Dead or Alive). The second controversial thing I would like to do is lock the wiki to registered contributors. If you don't have an account, you don't need to edit. An account takes 20 seconds to make and doesn't require email verification. If this is done, vandalism will go down and a blocking policy could be put in place. So basically I made this post to see if any users had objections to my plans and to work out any other plans.

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