Hello users of the Ninja Gaiden wiki. You may have noticed me going around making a ton of changes lately. Well I figured I would let everyone know some things that need to be done if you are looking for something to do.

1)First are the infoboxes, I have created new infoboxes for Characters, Greater fiends, Fiends, Weapons, Secondary Weapons and Locations. I have placed a few myself but there are still many to be done. If you think any others need to be created, let me know.

2) The & n b s p; glitch: This is everywhere on the site occurring up to 50 or more times in some of the larger articles. It does not appear on the actual page but in the code. If you see it, remove it. It is caused when you hold shift when you hit space.

3)Images need to be resized and properly placed. All images not being used as a profile picture in an infobox should be 190px. If a picture looks bad at 190px, just take it out. All profile pictures should be 290px. Also, all images should be thumbs unless they are profile pictures. Please do not throw a picture in the middle of text. Place it on top or below a paragraph.

These are just some simple things that you can do in addition to whatever changes you wanted to make.

Also: Once I get admin privileges I will be making a new theme. Does anyone have any suggestions for colors. I was thinking a black background with a maroon color for the secondary color. Also if someone would like to try and design a background image for the new theme that would be great. It has to be under 100 kb file size though.

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