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    With the release of Ninja Gaiden III in just a few hours (or is already out in some places), many critics are already weighing in with their opinions on the game. It seems that there is a wide range of opinions based on this particular game. Some critics seem to think the game is pretty good while, others absolutely hate the game.

    Currently, the game has a Metacritic score of 60.

    Metro GameCentral

    • Score: 8/10

    "For once Ryu actually bothers to act like a ninja too, and has some useful stealth moves and kills for you to employ. The range of quick time event sequences won't necessarily be greeted as enthusiastically, but apart from the climbing ones they're actually good fun and the prompts can be turned off if you wish."

    Playstation Official Maga…

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    Fans of Ryu Hayabusa will be enlightened to a far more human side of the character in Ninja Gaiden III, which was announced by Tecmo Koei as being released on March 20, 2012. Gamestop has also announced that they will have an exclusive Collector's Edition of the game. The Collector's Edition will retail for $99.99 and include a "Duel of the Mask" action figure, a cd sountrack, and an art book.

    Those ordering from Amazon or Gamestop will also receive a demo of Dead or Alive 5. Players ordering from Amazon will be able to play the demo as Ayane and Hayate, while players order from Gamestop will play as Ryu Hayabusa or Hitomi. People with the collector's edition will be able to play as all.

    Also, the following gallery of new screenshots was relea…

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    Ninja Gaiden III Demo

    September 19, 2011 by Wagnike2

    An exclusive ten minute demo has been released over at IGN, showing off Ninja Gaiden III. This demo shows the lead character Ryu Hayabusa destroying many enemies in bloody and violent ways. It also shows off the basics of gameplay, depicts the lush environments, and character interactions.

    The demo starts off in London in Big Ben and continues from there showing off things like the re-vamped action system.

    Please watch the video below and tell us what you think about this demo. What are your likes and dislikes in this?

    • IGN
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