Fans of Ryu Hayabusa will be enlightened to a far more human side of the character in Ninja Gaiden III, which was announced by Tecmo Koei as being released on March 20, 2012.
Ninja Gaiden III SS 2
Gamestop has also announced that they will have an exclusive Collector's Edition of the game. The Collector's Edition will retail for $99.99 and include a "Duel of the Mask" action figure, a cd sountrack, and an art book.

Those ordering from Amazon or Gamestop will also receive a demo of Dead or Alive 5. Players ordering from Amazon will be able to play the demo as Ayane and Hayate, while players order from Gamestop will play as Ryu Hayabusa or Hitomi. People with the collector's edition will be able to play as all.

Also, the following gallery of new screenshots was released recently.



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