Race: Fiend
Rank: Night Stalker
Debut: Ninja Gaiden Sigma II

Vampires are a race of fiends mentioned in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2's prologue comic book: The Vampire War, drawn and written by Team Ninja. It is unknown if they will make appearances in future installments of Ninja Gaiden.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Flight: In the comic the Vampire is seen flying numerous times.

Superhuman Hearing: A superior sense of hearing allows him to see and thrive in darkness.

Wave Beam: An attack where the Vampire sends out a psionic wave beam at its enemy.

Blood Drink: The ability for the Vampire to suck blood from its victim, regenerating it's wounds and making it stronger.


The Vampire War: For millennium the ruthless Vampire Fiends and the Ninjas of the Dragon Lineage have fought a savage war spanning many generations of Dragon Ninjas. Many Vampires and Ninjas perished in the age old struggle leading to the present day, when the war would come to a close as the last two members of the Dragon Linage Jô Hayabusa and later his son Ryu Hayabusa faced off against Crimson the Vampire Lord in a final showdown. This war would later become known as the Vampire War.

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