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Vigoorian Assault Soldier
Race: Human
Seal of the Holy Vigoor Empire
Rank: Military Infantry Soldier
Debut: Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)
Vigoorian Assault Soldiers are the common infantry of the Vigoor Military. They wield assault rifles with a bayonet attached to it, and are seen wielding rocket launchers at times.


A man wearing thick green soldier pads, with a camoflauge undershirt and pants, a thick green helmet, with red vision goggles and a gas mask, with a green chest plate, gauntlets, and long boots.

Arnaments and SkillsEdit

Accuracy: These soldiers have an excellent aim with the firearms they wield, and rarely miss their target.

Heat Vision Goggles: The soldiers wear vision goggles to detect the heat signature of their enemies.

Gas Mask: They possess a gask mask that protects them from airborne agents.

Assault Rifle: The majority of these soldiers will be seen wielding this automatic rifle that fires several consecutive bullets before requiring a quick reload.

Rocket Launcher: Other soldiers will support their allies by using this high-powered rocket launcher, it travels an considerable distance and will knock back it's target.

Grapple: Should Ryu be within their reach, they will proceed to grab him, stab him with their bayonet, and kick him while he's on the floor.

Power Armor: Mechanized units will wear this protective armor which will make them more resistant to Ryu's attacks.

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